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Champz – I’m a bad man



Hello again bitches and bitch niggas! So today we have another breath of fresh air that excludes the pussy radio shit that most of you all loveeeeeee to pretend listen to. Now don’t get us wrong, we enjoy “turning up” here and there but when the whole fucking world is turnt up it’s like, who the fuck is actually paying attention and taking this hip hop shit serious? Well that question comes with a 6 letter answer; CHAMPZ! This artist who goes by the name “Champz” is reminiscent of an earlier Eminem who many praise as the greatest lyrical hip hop artist to touch a microphone. So being compared to one of that stature is a high leveled compliment to begin with.  Champz shows his ass off in his latest single titled “I’m a bad man” produced by the big homie Doug G. We suggest giving this track a listen!

Drop down below to find out more on Champz!

My name is Champz. I’m a 27 year old lyricist/songwriter from Long Island NY. This is my new song called “I’m A Bad Man”. I really wanted to showcase my lyrical dominance over this beat, produced by Doug G. I use versatile rhyme schemes and fast paced lyrical artillery to get the point across. I decided to call this song “I’m A Bad Man” bcuz I want it to draw people in to show them I really have something and I belong in this industry.

Website – Champz516.weebly.com

Twitter – @Champz516

Instagram – @champz516

Facebook Artist Page – @Champz516

Full Soundcloud Profile – https://soundcloud.com/champz516/im-a-bad-man-prod-by-doug-g

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This cat Champs is on fire!!!


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