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Ivy - Energy Length: Unknown Play From album: Ivy - Energy

Ivy – Energy



WHEWWWWW…..A breath of fresh fuckin air finally as we have this young gentlemen that goes by the simply rap name “Ivy.” Now why is this a breath of fresh air to us you ask, well that’s a simple question to answer. In a world of bubble gum bullshit rap, especially in the world HNIC is in, we very rarely get to experience that beautiful 90’s Tim boots and chew stick vibe that Mr. Ivy has granted us with. Instead of corny verses about how much money one has, which in most cases is a fuckin’ lie coming from the rappers mouth, or how many hoes they bang on the weekend even though they fail to mention that those particular hoes weigh about the same as a killer whale, Ivy brings some refreshing truthful and conscious material to the table. We salute him and tell him to continue kickin’ that dope shit!

Find out who Ivy is below! 

An artist coming out of South Florida by the name of “Ivy” is impacting the game of conscious rap with his jazzy almost 90s style flows, and his message. He started with music in 7th grade just freestyling to beats, and loving rappers coming up like Drake, J.cole, and Kendrick Lamar. He did take a break from music to pursue basketball but music brought him back. He wants to change the culture of sound in hip hop and the voice in his community. He has a heart for the world but stays true to his roots. As he grows in making music, he will soon be a household name.

And you have this dope song  on soundcloud called “Energy” so what’s the deal with that track?
– I just want to be different, I’m not afraid to give who I am in music. I’m just giving you my energy.
What is the concept behind the music video titled “IDK?”
-IDk- I wanted to just show my flow and lyrical talent but having a slight meaning of who I am.
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Instagram- @ivysound
Twitter- @Hen_ GotThis
SoundCloud – Ivy
Youtube- Ivysound


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