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Legendary TeMo drops her new single titled “Been On.”



Here at H.N.I.C MIXTAPES we love to see female artists that stand their ground when it comes to this rap shit! Our home girl “Legendary Temo” shows you weak bitches exactly how to do so. She came through and dropped her newest single titled “Been On” to give you ma’ fuckas a taste of what’s on her mind and in her heart. Check the shit out!


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Legendary TeMo is starting to buzz due to her unique style, adlibs and sensual rap voice. Her Pretty Goon melodic flow has won her fans all over the world and people are saying that Legendary TeMo is up next, but her response is I “Been On.” Listen to her new song “Been On” where she explains what she been through on her journey and how she wont “stop till the money long.”

Legendary TeMo





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