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Lil’Steviee – Broken (Part 2) Therapy


Singer-songwriter Lil’ Steviee blends modern hip-hop, rap, and a touch of R&B to share stories which deliver meaningful messages via his music. Lil’ Steviee knows all too well Lil’ Stevieeabout the trials and tribulations of life. Today, Steviee has learned to turn negatives into positives after realizing Christ’s Love and Grace for him. Through his creative talents, Lil’ Steviee is on a mission to show others how God can transform their messes into masterpieces.

Steviee’s music is a rare meld of genres, often encompassing a teachable-twist from the Gospel. “It’s no secret that my music is a weapon against evil,” he offers. He sees his art as a way to speak to the fans of rap or hip-hop in such a way that they will get into the music, discovering its meaning on their own – “When they’re ready for it,” Steviee states.

Steviee explains the roots of his artistic evolution, “Dealing with such incredible pain in childhood; I began my journey to find a deeper fulfillment in my life.” He began composing songs at the tender age of ten, allowing his imagination run free. Steviee used boxes and wood pieces as instruments, recording his compositions onto cassettes. Around the age of thirteen, he discovered poetry. By the time he was sixteen, Lil’ Steviee was transforming his poetic lyrics and melodies into music.

Harnessing his vocal talents and songwriting abilities, Steviee successfully blends modern hip-hop with strong Gospel messages. Inherent in his music is the fact that Lil’ Steviee believes music crosses nations, ethnicities, and is the only universal language. “Music can bring together God’s message of salvation, love, and also conquer the problems rampant in today’s world. As a teenager, Lil’ Steviee made many bad choices, finding himself at rock bottom with no other way to go, he reached out for the Lord’s hand. “I realized that the door is always open to finding the path back home to God,” he explains.

Early on, Lil’ Steviee’s artistic evolution relied on support from his family, “They helped me on my journey both emotionally and financially,” he affirms. Also, his father instilled morals and ethics using songs as teaching tools. Steviee recalls, “My dad played tunes by the O’Jays, Sam Cook, and Betty Wright over and over again. He felt I needed to hear the meaning of them.” Steviee’s artistic eclecticism emanates from influential artists that span genres as well as decades. He comments, “I was into everything, Willie Nelson and Diana Ross, and even The Temptations and Garth Brooks. Later on, I got into Diamond Rio, Lisa Lopes (Left Eye), and Andy Mineo.”

Over the years, Lil’ Steviee has completed five full-length CDs. The Journal, his debut offering, was released in 2005. It contained a theme of humble beginnings, religious guidance, and Divine intervention. In 2011, Steviee completed His Love Conquers All,a series of songs which feature love versus sin – overcome by God’s Love. After a break, in 2013, Lil’ Steviee began his latest project, a trilogy of albums entitled Broken (The Series.) This first entry of the three-part-project focused on the resiliency of love. Steviee explains his creative goal with Broken (The Series,) “It is through our brokenness that we find true love if we let it come in, faith restores fractured lives.”

In 2015, Broken Part Two (Therapy) exemplified how one can learn from their mistakes, ascertaining knowledge on how to develop self-acceptance. Finally, in 2016, Broken Part Lil’ Steviee – Broken Part 2 – TherapyThree (The Final Chapter) was released. The goal of this final addition to the trilogy was to focus on the phoenix rising from the ashes and the birth of a new beginning. Taken together, Broken (The Series,) is a three-step spiritual awakening, as faith reassembles life’s broken pieces. Arthur Bradley Jr., Kyle Graham, Nick Ignoff, and Mark Ignoff helped produce the music tracks on the three albums. The talents of Danielle Harris, Pepé, and Messenger resound throughout the set.

Lil’ Steviee’s accolades include participating in the Exalting Him National Talent Search, which broadcasts on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Also, Steviee has worked extensively with Youth Explosion for Christ an organization based in Deltona, Florida. Lil’ Steviee has a rare gift among hip-hop and rap-based artists. He can take passages from the Bible and transpose them into messages that reach out to everyone who takes the time to listen. Through his inspirations, he has helped many people turn their life from the negative to the positive, and from bad choices into good. “I want the listener to reach out from the darkness to grasp the very hand of God’s love and healing light,” he states. After all, Lil’ Steviee has first-hand experience how God can transform messes into masterpieces.

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