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SHANZYAN – “Shut Up” (Extended)



Well first of all, this Shanzyan guy really loves to tell the bitches one thing and one thing only; SHUT UP! In Shanzyan’s new single titled “shut up,” he makes it clear that he is no mood to hear the dumb shit from the mouths of any dumb broads he may encounter. The track starts off with a soft and melodic instrumental that makes you think it’s time to whip out the candles, condoms and moscato until…BAM! Beat drops and the disrespectful verbal rampage takes place literally seconds later. Either way, we are feeling this track and if you’re not, SHUT UP!


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Shanzyan is a producer turned rapper. He’s moved back and forth between California and Texas his whole life, and you can hear both influences on his sound. He’s been writing music since 2006, but is currently putting out his first commercial releases. Learn more at www.shanzyan.com.

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