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Spvce Kid- Cool (Prod. By Ibra-Heem) Length: Unknown Play From album: Spvce Kid- Cool (Prod. By Ibra-Heem)

Spvce Kid – Cool (Prod. By Ibra-Heem)


14 Aug, 2016


Now every now and then we come across some shit that we really, really fuck with and today is that day! This nigga Spvce Kid got more juice than Minute Maid with his new joint “Cool.” We aren’t in the mood to keep talking and bullshitting, so if you aren’t a bitch ass nigga and want to hear some actual dope shit and not that watered down mainstream crap, then check the homie Spvce Kid out asap…You’re welcome!


More about the homie Spvce Kid

Spvce Kid born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Is a true example of the essence of Hip Hop. His lyricism and wordplay as well as conscious thinking and song making capability easily separates him from his peers. His debut album ‘Cool’ is entirely produced by Ibra-heem. A Swedish native living in New York, with the talent range of making Boom Bap instrumentals to melodic samples of Sade.

Spvce Kids ‘Cool’ debut is set to be released this month.




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