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The Kweli Chronicles


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In a song titled, Did Ya Hear That, Talib Kweli? an artist called The Abrasive Entrepreneur takes Talib Kweli to task for race baiting comments Talib made when he accused common libertarians like Tom Woods of being racists and neo-nazis (when they clearly aren’t.) Though the cover art pokes fun of Talib by calling into question his testosterone levels (referring to him as “low-T Kweli”) the song itself manages to mix in plenty of substantive criticisms with the casual insults. This is after all, a diss track, so there are obligatory barbs like “You are not a genius.. lower than my penis..aborted Greene fetus” (I’m not even quite sure what that means.) However, The Abrasive Entrepreneur also challenges Talib to focus less on racial grievances and instead expend his energy and influence toward helping people learn to become more successful. Legitimate historical grievances aside, directing one’s energy toward improving your fellow man’s quality of life is never as easy as blaming others for absolutely everything. Of course, such unsolicited advice is bound to enrage someone like Talib Kweli, who thrives on tribal identity, even more.

What’s interesting about The Abrasive Entrepreneur’s persona and this track in particular is the way he combines rapping with marketing guru advice. It’s like if Tony Robbins were to release a hip hop cassette. What’s even more interesting is that one would expect such a combination to be inherently bad, but The Abrasive Entrepreneur is actually a skilled musician with a natural rapping ability. His creative lyrics flow effortlessly and his pleasant, well trained speaking voice is the least abrasive thing about him. Those who dislike the song are likely only doing so for political reasons or they just don’t like his brand. Whether intentional or not, The Abrasive Entrepreneur is actually a perfect stage name for a libertarian leaning rapper. If he was rapping about another subject or was casting his abrasiveness toward the “right” people, the trolls that currently despise him would be loving his music. Rather than sell out though, this dude sticks to his principles and has perfected a system for monetizing his haters.

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