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Timi Turnup – Summer Practice Package Mixtape



Now don’t let this artist fool you, he may go by the name “Timi Turnup” which may make some believe that he’s just another cliche corny ass rapper nigga that will sound like all the same shit out right now, but you couldn’t be further from the truth if you thought that! The reality is that his newest mixtape titled “Summer Practice Package,” is a smooth and modern hip hop project that incorporates old school production and flow at the same time. The first two tracks give you that cool 90’s vibe while Timi still keeps up with a modern styled delivery. You won’t get a bunch of gay ass ad-libs and goofy fucking bars on this tape, so if you aren’t a certified bitch ass nigga or a straight up square, then this is a tape you just may enjoy as much as we did!

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The name Timi Turnup is representative of the kind of youthful energy that gives birth to bliss. As a versatile rapper, Timi creates his own unique aura when he records or performs; it leaves you wondering what the world must be like through his eyes.

His first project, ‘Summer Practice Package,’ makes this very clear. Potent and witty lyricism is coupled with attention-grabbing flows to showcase, first and foremost, that Timi Turnup is a very talented artist. The package has received a bit of local support and will likely be seeing a lot more soon, as merchandise becomes available and exposure continues.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoopinTimi

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8E3OCNaRCBKxFzbWGVyl1A

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