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AIME – Releases highly anticipated short film “Flowers Started Dying Yesterday.”


Purposeful artistry and careful preparation have led AIME to an unexpected but timely four-track graduation titled Flowers Started Dying Yesterday. Emblematic of a season of change, the follow-up to his 2017 DAVID micro-album is a perfect storm distilled from years of practice behind the boards and in the booth where AIME honed his craft as an MC. Together, AIME and Boss blend crisp musicianship and decisive language to construct a world as depraved and challenging as it is jubilant, florid and teeming with heavy bass. Flowers Started Dying Yesterday is an intriguing identifier for an equally succinct body of work in which the title, songs and themes are interchangeable mile markers that chronicle AIME’s journey to the most self-contained, confident and complete version of himself.

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