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TheFreshMen – Sauce Walk (Official Music Video)


The official #SAUCEWALKFILM. Performed by Ka’Sean Chapman and Gerell Traynum.

Shot and directed by:
David Kithcart III
IG: @stunnashade
Twitter: @stunnashade85

Sauce Walk – Single by The FreshMen

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Sometimes you have to simply get wit’ the program! You know like, if you’re a square or a lame you just have to wake up one day and tell yourself “I’m no longer committing to a life of lame-otry” and it’s that freakin’ simple! And yes we made that word up but it’s our site so who cares. But part of becoming hip is knowing who and what’s hot in this new day and age. With that said, lets start with The Freshmen. Instead of us explaining to your lame ass what they are all about, we will let you see for yourself. Drop down below to check these guys out!

Introducing The Freshmen:

TheFreshMen, Also known as TheFreshMen757, are the originators of the popular dance trend “Sauce Walk”. These two talented singers have spent years developing their abilities and chemistry together as a mainstream Hiphop and RnB group. Gerell Traynum and Ka’Sean Chapman are both from Norfolk, Virginia and have been best friends since their early childhood. While attending Granby High School in 2011, the two friends came up with a dance that they named “sauce walk” just for fun. Unknowingly to them, the Sauce Walk would become more than a dance shared between two friends. Before TheFreshMen, Gerell aka Sincere, had created a buzz for himself singing under Kingdom Builders Expansion. After being introduced to a local producer named Aaron Wiggins and the rest of Juggerknatz Music Group, JMG and KBE partnered together to create and release his first EP, “Two Of The Same”. This allowed him to win the Rookie Of The Year Award at Fall Jam 2011. Some years later, after settling into college, Gerell reconnected with Aaron Wiggins and they were off making music once again. As Gerell began to make music to rejuvenate his music career, he decided to collaborate with his best friend Ka’sean on a few songs. The rest is history. TheFreshMen were formed in the summer of 2015. They released their dance the #SauceWalk in videos to the song “Cut It” by O.T. Genasis. Colleges, parties, pep rallies, and many young people across the Nation have been spotted doing this dance. Shaq has reposted this dance on his Instagram, has been shown on ESPN, and has even had Rhianna’s best friend doing it on her IG. They quickly released “Sauce Walk” as a song to teach the dance and dropped the music video almost immediately. They are currently trending and has interviewed with the likes of IHeart Radio host Tyler Layne. They have also landed #pickoftheweek and a shout out from none other than the infamous DJ Jack Of Spades. With their remake of 679 entitled “679 Medley” on soundcloud, their numbers continue to rise, causing casting from The Voice Season 12 to reach out to feature them. With their following and views continuing to climb, TheFreshMen have no choice but to deliver everything their fans are requesting.

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